Best Pill Cases Comparisons and Specifications

Ezy Dose Weekly AM/PM Travel Pill Organizer and Planner xe2x94x82 Removable AM/PM Compartments xe2x94x82 Great


  • Contoured bottom for easy removal; dimensions : 5 7/8-inch x 3 1/8-inch x 1 1/8-inch
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 4 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 6 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches ; 4 ounces

Ezy Dose Disposable Pill Pouches xe2x94x82 Pill and Vitamin Storage


  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - Single use, pocket sized zipper-sealed bags
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Each bag can hold up to 80 Aspirin sized tablets
  • WRITE-ON LABELING BLOCKS - Bags have white labeling block for easy labeling
  • 100 COUNT - Product comes in a convenient quantity of 100
  • MUTI-PURPOSE - Fits a wide variety of pill and capsule sizes
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 2.4 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 0.8 x 5 x 6.5 inches ; 2.4 ounces

Daily Pill Organizer


  • PORTABLE BUT LARGE CAPACITY - Each compartment can hold 8 fish oils for daily use. Daily pill case's size is as big as a palm,can be put in your purse or pocket easily.
  • ONE DAY ONE BOX - Each cover was printed with week date and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up, and each tray is divided into AM & PM compartments,separated cover,self-contained and can be carried around.
  • DOUBLE PROTECTION - Outer container and each daily pill box has snap-shut lids to resist popping open even when dropped.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Daily pill case is made of food-grade PP plastic while outer pill container is made of ABS plastic, BPA-free and safe for medical use.
  • LIFETIME PRINTING - Adopts high-end silk printing technology,ensure the labels can last for a long time.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 3.2 ounces

SHD Pill Box Keychain Waterproof Single Chamber Stainless Steel Pill Organizer


  • Size and Weight - this keychain pill box is 2.24 inches height, 0.71 inches hiameter, 0.095lb weight.
  • Single Chamber - the capacity of this pill fob is equivalent to an AA battery. Only single chamber but enough to hold your one-day Vitamins, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil,Multivitamins or other pills.
  • Waterproof and Super Sealed - this pill case is airtight and watertight, its O-ring seal ensure 100% waterproof. No need to worry about accidental falls.
  • Safety Quality - this small pill holder is made of Stainless Steel, virtually indestructible ,securely protect medication.
  • Portable and Fashional Design - with metal keychain, this mini case fits in your pocket, purse,bag. It's a compact ideal to taking it wherever you go.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 1.6 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 2.2 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches

BUG HULL Pill Organizer


  • LARGE CAPACITY PILL CONTAINER - Can storage 6 fish oils or 7 large vitamins in each compartment.
  • EASY TO OPEN - Push open design pill dispenser, easy to open for the elderly or kids, or arthritis.
  • BPA FREE - Our medicine organizers are made of food grade plastic, safe for medical use.
  • NEVER WARE OFF - Upgrade printing of the day label, will never ware off for over 5,000 times of use.
  • Over all size: 8.8 x 2.1 x 1 inches, individual compartment size: 1.3x1.2x0.8 inches.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 3.2 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 6.5 x 3.7 x 3 inches ; 3.2 ounces

Motech Large 7-Day AM PM Push Button Twice A Day Pill Organizer Weekly Daily Rainbow Colored Extra Large XL Medicine Planner Box


  • CLEAR ONE TOUCH POP OPEN LID: The lids of every compartment is individually button activated. Perfect for elderly arthritis sufferers and convenient for caregivers alike. Food grade silicone springs ensure a safe totally BPA-free environment for your pills. Each lid is translucent to let you see what you need to take for the day and are clearly labeled with the days of the week along with AM/PM.
  • LARGE COMPARTMENTS: Each daily compartment measures 1.3” long, 1.18” wide, and 0.82” deep and are roomy enough to keep all of your daily medication, supplements, and more. The corners of each compartment are shaped slightly curved to help you more easily scoop out the pills inside.
  • STAY OPEN LIDS: Use one hand to easily fill this pill case. Lids pop open and stay open while you fill your weekly medication. This jumbo organizer sits steady with its wide sturdy design to prevent flip-overs and spills.
  • SECURE: Lids snap lock tightly over sturdy latches to prevent spills and accidents. Button guards extending from the sides of each compartment prevent accidental triggering by children’s palms, pets, or other household objects. Tough polypropylene plastic is resistant to falls and impact damage.
  • COLORFUL AND SAFE: Made from food grade plastics and silicone, as well as safe pigments mixed in the plastic material not painted on, this pill organizer will keep your medicine safe and bring to towards a more healthy lifestyle. Bright colors greet you every day in a joyful rainbow to highlight an important moment in your daily schedule.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 7.2 ounces

AM PM Weekly 7 Day Pill Organizer


  • BOLD MARK & NO NEED TO REMEMBER: BOLD AM PM Day's marks of the Week let you know what to take today, upgrated printing guarantees up to 7000 times of use without wear to tear.
  • LARGE PILL ORGANIZER: Weekly pill organizer include 7 colorful cases, each compartment can hold up to 8 large fish oils or 12 standard-sized multi-vitamins.
  • BPA FREE & HEALTH FRIENDLY: Adopt food grade material for health care or medical use safely, transparent dispenser organizer and AM/PM mark make users easy to distinguish.
  • SIMPLE TO OPEN AND CLOSE: Push button opening with minimal force and snaps down relatively easy after it's filled.The pill sorter will never pop open by themselves.
  • Over all size: 9 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches, individual compartment size: 1.3 x 1.18 x 0.82 inches
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 8 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 8.9 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches

Ezy Dose Weekly AM/PM Travel Pill Organizer and Planner xe2x94x82 Removable AM/PM Compartments xe2x94x82 Great


  • Perfect for travel - compact design makes this pill Planner perfect for your purse, suitcase or travel bags
  • On-the-go easy use - Removable compartments and contoured bottoms make medication easy to retrieve and take on-the-go
  • Large compartments - the planner can fit 45 aspirin and has plenty of space for all of your daily medication
  • Compact design - planner fits easily in suitcases, purses and travel bags and pop out compartments are pocket sized
  • Built TO last - Quality design is made for repeated use
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 4.8 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 1.2 x 4.8 x 8.5 inches ; 3.04 ounces

BUG HULL Extra Large Pill Organizer


  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY PILL CONTAINER - Can storage 13 fish oils or 12 large vitamins in each compartment.
  • PORTABLE SIZE FOR TRAVELING - You can take the pill tray in your perse when going out.
  • NO MORE POP-OPEN - The lids close tightly all the time, will never pop-open and dump pills out in your purse.
  • BPA FREE - Our medicine organizers are made of food grade plastic, safe for medical use.
  • ULTRA DURABLE - This pill dispenser is over 1 mm thick, you are expected to use it for over 5 years.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT : 2.4 ounces